What is a Lutheran?

“During the 16th century, Martin Luther challenged the teachings, practices, and structures of the Roman Catholic Church. He insisted that the central meaning of Christianity is the good news that sinners become reconciled to God by grace through faith because of the saving work of Jesus Christ.

It is important to remember that Luther didn’t intend to start a new church. He wanted to reform the existing church so the gospel message was communicated clearly and so the life of the church reflected that gospel center. Lutherans organized into a separate church only after the Roman Catholic Church repeatedly rejected Luther’s views.” (The Lutheran, Lutheranism 101)

Lutheranism is a faith tradition that is open to all, regardless of background. The ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) alone is almost five million members strong, with nearly 10,500 congregations across the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. We welcome you to learn more about our church and find out how we can help you along life’s path.

A Lutheran is a Christian, and trusts in Jesus Christ as Savior. Lutheranism IS part of the Christian Church, and founded on its understanding of the Bible.

Lutheranism began in 1517, when Martin Luther, a pastor, professor, author, and reformer, publicly called for the correction of errors in the church.

When we pray for the Catholic Church, we pray for the whole church and its diversity… Presbyterians, Methodists, Pentecostals, Baptists, Disciples, Episcopalians, Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholics, Lutherans, and more. We pray for Christian communities in all lands and cultures—all who confess Jesus as Lord. Within this beautiful mix, we live as Lutheran Christians.

As cited in “Baptized, We Live, Lutheranism as a way of life,” written by Daniel Erlander.

What do Lutherans believe?

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
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Ascension’s Mission Statement:

“To be Christ’s Disciples: To nurture our faith, To serve God, and welcome our neighbors to joyfully share in His love.”
Here at Ascension we strive to live by this Mission Statement on a daily basis. We look to find ways to strengthen and grow our faith through Sunday Worship, Bible Studies, fellowship events, social awareness, and so much more. By serving others, we are serving God. We look for ways to reach out to our surrounding communities and welcome everyone to join us.