Welcome to Ascension’s Children’s Ministry!

A fun place where kids get to know God in a safe and loving atmosphere.
Give them a start with Jesus!

Being a kid in today’s world is not easy. Various influences can sway kids to make wrong decisions for tomorrow. As a parent, how do you protect your children while giving them the tools they need to succeed? At Ascension, we have a program designed to help your children grow in a safe, nurturing environment.

What if we promised no more kicking, spilling Cheerios, and missing the sermon because of restless children? What do they, and you, get out of it? Nothing but frustration, so it’s understandable not to want to revisit the same scenario week after week. Many of our younger members feel the same way as you… “It’s just too difficult managing the little ones during Sunday services” and “We are just too busy.”

Instead, our children attend their own weekly “service” while you attend our normal weekly Sunday service at 10:30 AM. Their service includes prayers and bible studies built on a level they can understand. This is available to kids from ages 3 to 8, and we have a nursery for the younger ones. Stop by and check us out!