Welcome to Ascension’s Children’s Ministry!

Ascension is the kind of church where kids are welcome just as they are – “giggles and wiggles” and all!

Here at Ascension we encourage the presence of children in Worship. From infancy to adolescence, it takes practice for kids to adjust to the rhythm and formality of regular worship life. From learning prayer hands, sitting still, when to stand, to the art of how to use an “inside” voice. They practice these at home and in restaurants and a variety of other places, so why not church as well? Some churches may give you the “shhhh” or the “stare.” But, here at Ascension we recognize children of all ages as a gift – created and welcomed by God.

During our Sunday morning worship, children of all ages are invited forward following the Gospel for a Children’s Sermon. This is a fun occasion for the children to interact with the pastor, learn about what it means to be a young disciple and pray together with the church.

If children or parents need a place to stretch, play and make a little noise we offer a nursery in the back of our worship space. There is a large window which allows families to remain connected to our worship.


Sundays at 9:30 AM prior to Sunday worship

PreK-2nd Grade

3rd-5th Grade

6th-8th Grade (Confirmation age)

Youth Group Activities for 6th grade through high school and young adults is offered throughout the year.

A Safe Place to Play!

Our Church campus offers a playground, volleyball court, pavilion and plenty of space to run around and be a kid. Children and families are welcome to use our outdoor space any time!